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Photo Album

08-01-2003 Jayco Geelong Bay Series
1st stage: winner
2ns stage: second
3rd stage: fourth
4th stage: third
5th stage: place not known
eindklassement: first

21-01-2003 Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under
1st stage: second
2nd stage: second
3rd stage: winner
4th stage: fourth
5th stage: abandonned with kneepain
6th stage: -
eindklassement: - 

04-02-2003 GP d'Ouverture La Marseillaise
result not known

05-02-2003 Etoile des Bessèges
1st stage: 119th
2nd stage: 83th
3th stage: 2nd
4th stage: winner
5th stage: 15th
eindklassement: 52nd

12-02-2003 Tour Méditerranéen
1st stage: 147th
2nd stage: 44th
3th stage: 111th
4th stage: 106th
5th stage: DNF
6th stage: -
eindklassement: -

23-02-2003  Classic Haribo
McEwen finished 128th

1-3-2003  Omloop Het Volk
Robbie finished 10th

2-3-2003  Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne
only 26 riders finished, McEwen abandonned

9-3-2003: Parijs-Nice
proloog: 148th
1st stage: second
2nd stage: neutralised
3rd stage: 150th
4th stage: 141st
5th stage: DNF
6th stage: -
eindklassement: -

22-03-2003 Milaan - San Remo
Robbie finished 30th

26-03-2003 Dwars door Vlaanderen
Robbie won!!

9-4-2003  Gent-Wevelgem

10/05/2003 - 01/06/2003  Giro d' Italia
1st stage: fifth
2nd stage: disqualified
3rd stage: 83rd
4th stage: winner
5th stage: fifth
6th stage: 141st
7th stage: 111th
8th stage: second
9th stage: second
10th stage: 113th
11th stage: winner
12th stage: 143rd
13th stage: 51st
14th stage: Robbie didn't start

16/06/2003 - 25/06/2003  Tour de Suisse
Prologue: 100
1st stage: 75th
2nd stage: winner
3rd stage: 121st
4th stage: 4th
5th stage: 97th
6th stage: HD

05/07/2003 - 27/07/2003  Ronde van Frankrijk
Prologue: 101st
1st stage: second
2nd stage: sixth
3rd stage: fifth
4th stage: Team Time Test
5th stage: fifth
6th stage: 164th
7th stage: 142nd
8th stage: 175th
9th stage: 170th
10th stage: eleventh
11th stage: ninth
12th stage (time test): 131st
13th stage: 140th
14th stage: 110th
15th stage: 142nd
16th stage: 122nd
17th stage: eleventh
18th stage: 17th
19th stage (time test): 141st
20th stage: third
eindklassement: 143ste op 4u13'28"
puntenklassemnt: tweede met 214ptn

28/07/2003  Criterium Aalst
second after Petacchi
30/07/2003  Criterium Peer
second after Cooke
02/08/2003  Spektakel van Steenwijk
third after Petacchi and Kemna
05/08/2003  Criterium Surhuisterveen
Robbie won before Petacchi en Kemna
15/08/2003  Criterium Zwolle
third after Kemna and Petacchi